Level Theatre

by Stone Umbrella

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released September 5, 2014

Stone Umbrella
Hector Garow - Vocals, lead and rhythm guitars, keyboards, programming
Niclas Johansson - Vocals and lead guitar

Album credits
Story, music and lyrics written by Hector Garow
Additional lyrics written by Niclas Johansson.
Lead and rhythm guitars, keyboards, programming on all songs by Hector Garow
Lead guitar on The Odd Teacher by Niclas Johansson and Hector Garow
Lead vocals on Candy from a Clown, The Audience, Lower Levels and The Feast by Niclas Johansson
Lead vocals on Lower Levels, Hector’s Story, This Place, The Feast, Pictures and Faded Lights by Hector Garow
Additional vocals by Patric Johansson

Arrangement, production, engineering, mixing and mastering by Hector Garow

Thank you
Thank you to my fans, family and friends for all the support. To Andreas, Johannes and Martin for the honest criticism and for being there. A very special thank you to Juha for the honesty, inspiration and all the music shown to me through the years that shaped my musical personality.


all rights reserved



Stone Umbrella Sweden

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Track Name: Candy from a Clown
Hall of fools, hall of angels
Some of them tools, some of them devils
Past the jester with bombs and booze
(“Sing with us! Or perhaps a duel?”)

(The) Electric vibe from the stage
This place, true, has a certain age
A clown with a smirk, sings with delight
“Have some candy, or a drink with a bite!”

Trinkets for maniacs, things for fools
Weirdly it comes in handy, this tool
Schedules for shows, and show of fun
Can also be used as a chair or a gun

What is this place? Am I dead or alive?
No ‘tis a dream, both wonderful and vile
“Take a look around you, (and) try to smile”
“Whatever happens, you can always deny”

Slipping in, feeling the bizarre
Caring why this happens? (“I do not”)
Look at that jester, hanging from the bar
Memory failing .. (“You’re of this knot”)
Track Name: The Audience
Eyeing, spying, people lying
It’s another world from above
Fighting, biting, people inciting
I’m happy some of them show love

“Dear old friend, you left your home”
“Where you feel at ease”
“Follow me now to stranger halls”
“Beware of those halls”
Track Name: Lower Levels
Lower and lower, darker halls
Stranger men and filthy walls
Are we heading for hell
Look at that lunatic in his cell

Darker and darker, lower halls
Filthy men, and stranger walls
Heading for hell, Into a cell

Lower and lower, colder halls
Stranger laughs from the walls
Sad tunes from the glass
Cruel sounds of a dark mass

Fallin’ and fallin’ into dreams
Stranger laughs, in the beams
Heading for hell, a damn dark well

Blinding light, comforting sight
Surreal beauty, I feel light
Scent so sublime
(And) The one true love of mine

Summer breeze, a guiding light
“Calm me down, and hold me right”
“Through the halls”
Said the jester, high, polite
Track Name: Hector's Story
“In the corner, a penguin suit behind his grand
Me at a bar ordering the finer brand
She asked me if I knew her, staring at her so
Maybe I do I thought. Told her ‘Maybe, I don’t know’”

“In the corner, a cobweb and nothing more
Less of her, and bottles more and more”
Here I am. Here I am!
Less of her, and harlots more and more“

“The last words from her, was a note that said:
‘I’m sorry’, These words echoed in my head
And like that, I was back, hollow and dead
Track Name: This Place
Run around in this place
Something keeps me, wanna stay
Fly around in a haze
Trust one another, wanna stay

All this crazy space
Tell me if you wanna play
Buzz around in this maze
Fuck one another, wanna stay
Track Name: The Feast
The jester’s here, with a ton of beer
The swines bride
Her eyes wide, tryin’ to hide
We’ll stay

“That’s how it’s done, every single damn night
Song, dance, drink. Everything is light”
“Miss us you will, us all and mad Bill

Singing, swaying
Beer bottles breaking
Darling shy
A night in the sky

First one to drop, the feast took a stop
It’s old Bill, in a weird tank top
Tears of laughter, typical old Bill
We’ll go on

There sat a man with a brush
Focused eyes, painting in a rush
Sipping his wine, his eyes shine
“That one there, The Painter”

Singing, swaying
Beer bottles breaking
Darling shy
A night in the sky
Track Name: Pictures
The future, seen
In the pictures and their scenes
The feast was there
Even the color of her new hair

Slipping into a trance
Every picture showing a future glance
His favourite one
Seemed to be the dark one

Mothers and fathers
Brothers and sisters
“The chaotic one”, he said
“Is our final end”

A picture of her
Under a tree
A picture of my friend
I wonder what it said
Track Name: Faded Lights
Remember now, don’t fall away
Really strange, it feels grand in a way
I’m back, but was that real at all
So vivid, write it down before it goes

Something changed, I feel you now
So long in ice and void
Written now, but it fades away
Bye now, it was a crazy ride

In the distance
Faded lights
Leave with resistance
Ending night

In a memory
Faded lights; getting colder
What in a century
Ending night; getting colder

Memories, all I own now
I wonder what the night gives you now
In reality, I’m on my own
Isn’t that the same for us all

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