Lower Levels

from by Stone Umbrella



Lower and lower, darker halls
Stranger men and filthy walls
Are we heading for hell
Look at that lunatic in his cell

Darker and darker, lower halls
Filthy men, and stranger walls
Heading for hell, Into a cell

Lower and lower, colder halls
Stranger laughs from the walls
Sad tunes from the glass
Cruel sounds of a dark mass

Fallin’ and fallin’ into dreams
Stranger laughs, in the beams
Heading for hell, a damn dark well

Blinding light, comforting sight
Surreal beauty, I feel light
Scent so sublime
(And) The one true love of mine

Summer breeze, a guiding light
“Calm me down, and hold me right”
“Through the halls”
Said the jester, high, polite


from Level Theatre, released September 5, 2014



all rights reserved


Stone Umbrella Sweden

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