Candy from a Clown

from by Stone Umbrella



Hall of fools, hall of angels
Some of them tools, some of them devils
Past the jester with bombs and booze
(“Sing with us! Or perhaps a duel?”)

(The) Electric vibe from the stage
This place, true, has a certain age
A clown with a smirk, sings with delight
“Have some candy, or a drink with a bite!”

Trinkets for maniacs, things for fools
Weirdly it comes in handy, this tool
Schedules for shows, and show of fun
Can also be used as a chair or a gun

What is this place? Am I dead or alive?
No ‘tis a dream, both wonderful and vile
“Take a look around you, (and) try to smile”
“Whatever happens, you can always deny”

Slipping in, feeling the bizarre
Caring why this happens? (“I do not”)
Look at that jester, hanging from the bar
Memory failing .. (“You’re of this knot”)


from Level Theatre, released September 5, 2014



all rights reserved


Stone Umbrella Sweden

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